What is passive income? Explain it like I’m 5

I told someone how I make money online in different ways. After I was finished, they continued to stare blankly at me, and in a confused tone asked, “what does that even mean?” Out of everything I told them, they were stuck on that. “Well, it’s simple. I do some work now and continue to create online revenue as long as the site stays active. I started on Wealthy Affiliate”

“What?” Okay, now I’m thinking this person doesn’t want to understand. He follows with, “You heard me. What is passive online income? Explain it like I’m 5 years old.” So, I pause for a few seconds, and a lightbulb goes off, completely off. “It’s like… well… you know… It’s um… I guess I never really thought about what exactly it is. It’s basically money you earn over a length of time time, for doing something once.”

They asked “how does it work? So, this is what I told him.

First, you’ll need to create awareness with content in your niche.

A niche is a more refined portion of a market for a specific type of item(s) or service(s). So, instead of trying to sell one hundred million towels to the world, but that’s not very likely. However, you could get an affiliation with E-Cloth, a special microfibre cleaning towel. They sell bundles of towels for an average order of $45 and you get 20% of that, which is $9.

Imagine getting a hundred sells, a thousand, ten thousand sells in a month. That’s not exactly typical, but definitely not unheard of. Especially, if you learn how to rank on search engines using SEO tags.

YouTube is probably the most popular content platform. That makes sense because they’re a Google entity. It’s the most popular search engine, so it’s gonna get the most traffic for visual-based customers. Granted there is TikTok, Instagram, and many more. Unless you’re getting loads of views you’re not gonna be jumping for joy, but you can leverage it as the visual side of your marketing strategy. YouTube paired with a website/blog and an affiliate link can be a very powerful tool.

So, the main idea is to create a promotional loop that gets eyes on your youtube channel which gets eyes on your blog, which gets clicks on your links. Also, you want a loop that gets eyes on your blog which gets eyes on your YouTube channel, which gets clicks on your links. Basically, you’re just cross-promoting on both platforms. That’s the easiest part because once the loop is complete it will generate income as long as there is a reasonable amount of traffic.

You’ll need affiliate links for products that relate to your content.

Sign up for relevant affiliate programs and you’re ready to go. Yep! It’s really easy. You can do a simple search for “affiliate programs” along with your niche. So, if you are writing about gift boxes you could search something like “subscription box affiliate programs.” Most affiliate services are free to join and very cheap to upgrade, if available. Why? Because you are an associate for their cause, and in their eyes, you’re basically just an unpaid sales representative. So if you are willing and able they want you to push their product.

To do that it’s even easier. Once you are a confirmed affiliate and have released your tax forms, all you have to do is post your specialized affiliate link in the description box of the related video and somewhere in your related blog article. You can even write the article and use it for the script of the video. BOOM! Now, that’s efficient. That’s not everything though. You still have to write something informative enough and entertaining to keep their attention or the whole process will break down.

You’ll have to create rich content with a purpose.

So, what is rich content? Why should you care about it? And, is there a way to streamline the process to churn out even more content? Those are some great questions. Firstly, rich content is a blend of visual and auditory content. It’s used for information purposes to either sell a product or a service.

Like the saying, “Read it, Write it, Say it, Rember it.” It’s a human thing. We look for visual cues because we’re pattern seekers and audible signals trigger something in us so we can more easily connect to others. We’re very simple in that regard. It’s the most effective way to alert someone of your proposition. Just say it.

You say it. They hear it. You show it and explain its pros to them, they see that and want it even more now. This is one of the major ways to build trust along with dropping consistent content, but we’ll get into that later.

There are many ways to streamline your money-making blog, but it takes some work before you can put your feet up and relax. After you make some initial progress, you can do all your research and writing in about 10 to 15 hours of work a week. To make those videos, may take about the same amount of time depending on your editing skills and computer’s software rendering capabilities. If you get rolling and start making real profits, so to save time you can hire an editor.

Share your content and wait for a bite, and reel ’em in.

The formula goes like this: research, write, produce, link, publish, repeat. Once you get on a roll it becomes surprisingly easy to churn out article after article. One of the toughest parts is finding something to write about. Once you’ve figured that out, you could just bang out a straightforward informative article, but what fun is that to read? Why not make it more interesting and entertaining, plus tell a story along the way?

You have enough experiences that you can probably tie any product to a situation. You’ve done the work in that field or put in the time on the clock to learn the ups and downs. So, why not use that as a vessel to direct someone to a product or service they’re already interested in? That way it’s a win, win, win. The customer gets informed enough to make a purchase. The company gets a sell, and you get a commission.

There’s a formula for everything. Get in on the equation. If this seems like a lot of information, that’s because it is. If you’d like to receive a more in-depth look into affiliate marketing, check out Wealthy Affiliate for step-by-step instructions.

Find your niche and do some research. Now, you’re on your way. Once you understand the formula you can find your niche more easily. After you have that perfect niche picked out, 30 to 60 of research can get you enough information to tap out an article that can rank, which might be the most important part to continue to drive traffic to your article.

Create awareness with a website and a YouTube channelI always thought a website would be too expensive to own one of my own. Now, I have quite a few in the works. After that initial stream starts flowing you can invest a small portion back into creating more niche sites. Now, you’re expanding your business and creating new streams of passive income. Look at you.

Sign up for affiliate programs and set your future in motion. A few minutes of filling out some info and a W9/W8 might make a world of difference. It took me less than a minute to sign up for one because of the autofill feature.

Write with purpose, speak with charisma. If you’re trying to convey a message to someone it’s much easier to be to the point if you know what the point is. Nobody wants a meandering article. They want that sweet juicy meat. Give ’em what they want. Learn how to do that as I did right here.

You’re almost at the finish line. As long as you did your SEO research correctly, set up your website so that it’s aesthetically appealing, and have written a compelling blog, there’s really no stopping you. However, if you still have quandaries the best place to start is here.

Now that you have the general concept of affiliate marketing down, you can move on and start your first steps toward financial freedom for you and your family. If you’d like more information or have a comment leave it below or send me a direct email. I’ll be happy to assist you with anything I can. Enjoy your day and your coming successes.

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