What is an affiliate marketing network?

I imagine if you’re reading this article, you probably already know what affiliate marketing is. If not, read this article. It should only take about ten minutes. Then come back here and see what an affiliate marketing network is.

The benefits of an affiliate marketing network may not be exactly what you expect. I was expecting some sterile boring word doc writing class. Instead, I’m learning how and start my own business from the ground up for about the cost of my streaming networks all added together. They’re just a distraction from what I really like and do, which is writing and inform people of information I’ve learned.

Basically, I’m a coach or a teacher but not by any dictionary definition of those words. I love and soak up information as any other sponge would. However, I’m not the type and just wait around for it. I’m going and find it because I’m out looking for it. That’s how I stumbled upon more than just an Affiliate Marketing program, but a wealth training hub for creative entrepreneurs. You may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer training for every level.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a first-timer you’ll definitely get a great amount of value out of their specialized step-by-step training modules. On top of that, they have weekly classes on the most pertinent information you’ll need and get ahead of the competition, and most importantly, help you get ranked on search engines.

Then there’s the community. They can create and release training of their own and go more specific than the main generalized sessions. The site seems and be built for the community and be as involved as possible. That, and me, sounds much more inviting than most other options, which usually are built on the same foundation.

Once you get through that, it’s not over. They have an Affiliate Bootcamp and integrated Affiliate program search, but we’ll get more into that later. So, if you’re finished with the basics and still can’t find your niche, you can always promote Wealthy Affiliate too. They have an entire training section for that.

They meticulously walk you through every step.

Each level of training has a written article. Much like the ones you’ll be learning and write. Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck copy/pasting anyone else’s work, but starting with a template and filling it out until it’s ready and be released upon the world. Most of them are accompanied by a video that shows you everything on the screen. So, there are no mixed messages as and what needs and be done on that particular step.

I find that exceptional because I can’t always follow along with the written steps. Granted, I do read each one in case there are other sections not in the video training. Like the difference between reading a video game walk-through as opposed and watching it on YouTube, and get a better understanding.

It’s not just a certificate for writing blogs. It’s a launchpad for affiliate marketers. With 5 main levels of training from getting some understanding of what you’ll be getting into and building your own online business. How does that work? Each module advances you along toward that goal as long as you stick and the training, anyway.

Not only do they teach you how and format your posts and look professional, but they also get down and the nitty-gritty and expose how and create a flow of traffic based on those posts. Then a whole module on Making Money. After that, they show you the ways and master your social engagement, and on and show you the ropes on how and maximize your success.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s a ton more.

So, now that you know everything about how and run a successful blog why not try out Affiliate Bootcamp? It’s another module-based training series, but it goes into much more detail than the previous training. Think of the first part as preschool through middle school. Then this would be starting at high school and working through college.

Other premium and premium plus members can create their own training based on their experience and help others within the same niche work through any issues they may have or and illuminate things that might be obstacles in their path. This is great for anyone and take advantage of. It’s like everyone else has already made the mistakes for you and shown you how and alleviate much of the stress involved.

I don’t want and bog you down with every single thing they have and offer. That would seemingly take forever. I’m just trying and point out the major offerings they have available. Alongside all the training and community stuff there’s the meat and potatoes, Jaaxy, an amazing SEO research platform that you can try out for free here.

They offer other services like Search Engine Optimization research

Jaaxy, an amazing SEO research platform that you can try out for free here. Believe me, that won’t be enough. Once you see how powerful yet simple it is and use, you’ll wonder how anyone gets anywhere without it.

It’s simple. Enter a word or phrase in the search bar and BOOM! Instant results. It’s extremely easy and utilize. So, you can get started right away on your newest blog entry. You could even use it for another platform like video streaming services or other social media.

If you have an idea for a post you can easily refine it and get ranked and and get the most traffic possible for that particular niche. Once you have the perfect keyword phrase you’ll be ready and put words on the page with a purpose. There’s a formula and everything. Blogging is no different. Especially, if you want and be financially successful.

The only limitation is your own imagination.

If you can think of a reason someone would ask about your niche you’re already a step ahead, but knowing the best way and get them and choose your link and make a purchase is a whole other ball of wax. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is so valuable and a new blogger. Not only do they already have the best ways of doing everything already mapped out, but they have tried and tested them throughout the years.

If you’re like me and need your hand held the first few times until it sinks in then you are in luck. You can watch and re-watch videos, ask community members for help, and even give and get feedback for a single article or your entire site in general. If you don’t need that then you can put the training videos on 2x speed and breeze right through it at your own pace.

On top of creating your site, you’ll be learning from some of the most experienced professional bloggers on the internet. With that much experience, you can’t afford not and choose them as a mentor. I bet you hear this or something like it all the time. Learn from others who’ve already made the mistakes you will so you can more easily adapt. This is some of the best free advice you could ever get, so why aren’t you using it?

Search Engine Optimization isn’t all you need and know but it’s definitely one of the most important if you wish and be discovered on the web. Especially, if you are trying and make some income or a lot of income with it. Without it, you’ll be swimming by yourself in the open ocean with no one in sight and help. That’s why I use Wealthy Affiliate, because I know I have a lot and learn, but I’ve got a lot and offer too.

Anyway, if any of this interests you and you’d like and know more, just follow this link or check out my other passive income articles on T-Shaped Mindset. If there’s anything I can help you with leave me a question or comment below and I’ll do my best and get back and you in a timely manner.

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