The best ways to passive income online?

We all know there are plenty of businesses and individuals making tons of money online, but is it better to sell products, services, or something completely different? What if I told you that you’d be trading your day job for an internet job. You shouldn’t be looking to sell your time for dollars but into how to create one product that you can sell to numerous people.

That way you can create multiple products which are where you get multiple streams of passive income. So, what are some of the best ways to passive income online? Well, one of the greatest ways to get that internet money flowing is through affiliate programs. They allow you to post a special link that when used and someone makes a purchase or recurring purchase, you get a commission. Sometimes they’re as much as 50% or more. Sometimes all the way up to 70% which is insane and awesome, and all you have to do is learn why, how, and where to post it.

Remember the motto “Work harder, not smarter?”

Of course, you don’t because that’s just silly. It really goes “Work smarter, not harder.” Which is simple and to the point. You instantly recognize that you may be putting in way more effort than you get a return on. Well, stop that.

Instead of putting your nose to the grindstone, why not build and sell blueprints for grindstones, metaphorically speaking? Anyway, on with my point. We all know unless you’re making a CEO’s salary you’re probably living check to check. The reason is you are selling your time for money per hour.

Why not take a skill you’ve learned and turn it into a business. Oh, you know how to fabricate the cutest stuffed animals, well don’t waste your time making hundreds or thousands of them just so they can sit in a warehouse as you’re crushed financially. Instead, sell patterns and a course on how to do it with materials and tools most people already own or can easily acquire.

Boom, you only need to make one or two and you’re off to the races with sites like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, and many more. As that earns money you can start your next endeavor and stack up all of your passive income streams over time.

Affiliate Marketing, can you sit back and rake it in? So to speak.

We all see ads for affiliate marketing and I guarantee if you’re an avid online shopper you’ve used somebody’s affiliate link. You made someone a small chunk along with thousands of others and they cashed a fat check.

Say you make animated videos using a particular software that takes the guesswork out so the common man can churn out explainer videos. Well, what if you become an affiliate partner with that software creator? Most of the time you can. It’s just a simple online search away.

You can normally sign up for free and snag a hefty percentage of the sales and some have a monthly payment. So, you will continue to earn while you do other things. And all you have to do is write an article and post your special link.

I chose Wealthy Affiliate because of all the options to learn how to create multiple streams of passive income. Plus, all the training they have is available with 24/7 support for Premium/Premium Plus members. If you’d like to check them out here’s my affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you any extra but it helps me out if you use it.
They helped coach me as I created this website and how to create engaging useful content and helped guide me on a path to put the skills I’ve learned out where people can finally see. Information is powerful. Free or not, you’ll never have enough time to learn everything or teach someone everything you know, but it’s a wonderful feeling when you take a chance and leap of faith toward your dreams of freedom from living paycheck to paycheck.

This one will probably get some groans because 99% of people fail at it, but YouTube is where it’s at.

We all know a ton of people who’ve dedicated countless hours to making videos only to stick with their pizza delivery job. Me too, until I understood how to use it to my advantage. I learned that you must first and most importantly create content people want to pay attention to or even rewatch. Then It doesn’t have to be amazingly polished as long as your point is clear and concise.

Another part of being a YouTuber is consistency. It’s better to release 5 quick tutorials every single week than to take 6 months to create an epic animated short movie that rivals anything Pixar is doing. It’s much more lucrative to add links to all the materials you may have used in your how-to video. After that initial ride up it all comes crashing down if your video is only for entertainment purposes.

The hype dies down at an astounding rate because of all the fresh daily content being produced. So, find a niche that has endless options like reviews, tutorials, and DIY projects, not something that people will skip over because you aren’t the most entertaining or funny, but they still want to pick your brain.

However, If you can find a niche for a specific type of fan, you can create a money-making machine, and it’s as simple as signing up for affiliate programs like Amazon. Here’s a book I found that helped me. I’d like to share it with people who are in the same desperate situation where they need to get money ASAP. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

The Emergency Mini Handbook For Getting Money FAST! by Law of Attraction and Visualization expert, by Author Carole Dore (1st Edition)

Learn how to create phone apps and games with little to no coding required.

Yes, there are services and even stand-alone applications out there that will walk you through a step-by-step app development process. You can learn the system in as little as a few weeks and if you have a basic knowledge of programming languages you’re already light years ahead of the competition.

There are waves of people trying to get their app developed and be the next Flappy Bird or shotgun SFX app. You might be the one who makes it for them. Granted, there’s more to it than meets the eyes, if you have an idea that sounds like the next Facebook/Meta or YouTube, it’s at least worth a shot. Or you could take one of those ideas you and your friends always jokingly drudge on about into reality.

Imagine giving it out for free but having a system that lets your users customize or upgrade for a small fee. Most game and app development software is free to use but you’ll probably have to pay a small amount to get it onto any marketplace, but if you do that and a little advertising, you could make out like a bandit.

These are just some of the best ways to conquer the online world.

1. Turn a skill you have into a tutorial series. Do know how people are always telling you how your crafts, food, or fabrications come out amazingly? Well, why haven’t you turned that into your dream business yet? Get to it!

2. Try out affiliate marketing. It’s easy and free in most cases. In general, you only have to search for an affiliate program‘s availability. If it exists you just sign up, fill out a tax form and you’re good to go.

3. Make a rich content YouTube channel and add your links in the description. This method makes some low subscriber channels more money than ones that tend to go viral. You may make $3 from 1,000 views, but if you review a $300 microphone and post a link for it. if just one person out of 50 views buys one, you just made more than a 50k view video.

4. Create Apps or Games or both within weeks. You can implement ads and upgrades too. Yes, this route probably takes the most time, focus, education, and artistry but if you pull it off there is no limit to the possibilities of your financial flow. So, if you’re the type who always wanted to create a compelling game or useful app, this is the route for you, but don’t forget to document your progress along the way so you can keep potential customers chomping at the bit.

5. Utilize one, some, or all of the above, or go an entirely different route. You could do one of them, all of them, or you don’t have to choose any of these options because there are countless opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of on the internet. I just mentioned making a video game or mobile application, but what if you made a how-to video for every step of the way? Then you release those on YouTube to teach others, create hype, and show off your work at the same time. Then you might put up a more in-depth tutorial series on Udemy for people who want even more. The choice is up to you. You just have to decide to jump in and get that ball rolling.

I know this only covers a few ideas but these are the most surefire ways that have been tried and tested over a long period. Especially, affiliate marketing. You can find training here. So, stick to the process, and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below this article.

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