the Top 5 Work from Home Jobs in the USA 2022

Do you know what the top 5 work-from-home jobs in the USA are? You probably have a good idea but you may be surprised to find out how little the fields you would expect to make a lot start out at and how some are easier and make way more money.

Now, I’m only speaking in general because of the spectrum of actual specific careers in each field. So, one group may start much higher but have a lower cap or it could start much lower and exceed any other group.

The Fifth best home-based job is being a Designer

With earning potential from around fifty-thousand to over one-hundred thousand dollars a year. This is a great place to set your start if you know the ropes of digital design or even traditional mediums as long as you can photograph or scan them.

If you’re an artist, becoming a designer is a great idea because there are countless people and companies that need graphic design for anything from logos and emblems to product design and user experience.

All of these industries are growing because of the change in our world economy. Many of these jobs have gone from huge firms to more independent contractors. As that is now the case for nearly all work that can be done on a computer.

With technological advancements in CPU power, online communication, and CAD software, a single person could do what it took a team to do up until recently. So, the level of responsibility has gone up some but is countered by the lesser competition in the market.

The Fourth best remote job is a Marketing Manager

Pound for pound, this job probably takes on the most responsibility. Probably because of the scope of everyone they have to connect with and to make sure all the tasks they are juggling like advertising, email campaigns, and social media are finished by each crew member before the allotted deadline.

That being said. I imagine the feeling of accomplishment you get from running a successful campaign. The average pay rate is fairly high for starters but the salary cap is much lower.

Essential it’s a project management position on top of other technical or specialized skills that are required. A major part of it is writing schedules, data analysis, and multiple other skills.

This job also requires staying updated on marketing techniques and strategies, and great attention must be paid to technological advancements to stay ahead of the curve. With earning potential starting around seventy thousand with a top-end well over a hundred thousand dollars a year. This would be a great spot for someone with an artistic eye and a good amount of management experience.

The Third best work from home job is Software or Web developer

The options here are basically limitless. The problem with that is the knowledge base you must have before breaking into the industry. However, if your hobby is making games or applications on multiple platforms at home you have a real shot at becoming a software developer.

Web development is just as knowledge-based, possibly more so because you not only have to understand the code of the application you’re working on but also how to implement it onto the internet, obviously through more coding and possibly a completely different language.

So, if coding is what gets you through the day one of these is the position for you. Remember how I said “Limitless?” Well, I meant the possibility to do the exact job you want. That’s because there are so many companies and people willing to hire a contractor to do the dirty work for an average earning potential of over eighty thousand dollars a year and beyond.

However, if you get lucky enough to create something that makes you some money, you might be able to parlay that into creating your own multi-million dollar company, which is probably the objective of a lot of developers.

The Second best job is

Data Insights Engineer or Data Scientist

So, you spent years learning all the computer languages enough to be able to proficient at software development with relative ease, and all your spare time getting to understand how all that data relates to the available information.

You’ve put in the time and you’re a software engineer and are insightful when it comes to dealing with large amounts of data, now what? You obviously have the knowledge base and experience needed for this career choice, so looking into becoming a Data Insights Engineer is probably a great idea.

Like the previous career choice (Software or Web developer), but on steroids. The scope of knowledge you must have is immense, but the job can be extremely rewarding, especially financially. With most people starting out at almost eighty thousand a year. Most of them who stick it out for at least five years average closer to one hundred and five thousand or more.

These aren’t exactly the same career but involve an overlapping skill set which are both integral for companies to come up with strategies and to understand business trends and use them to create the best plan of action forward as a company grows.

The Best remote job is Affiliate Marketer, hands down.

So, you learn quickly but don’t have a degree in computer science or spent half a lifetime slaving away for meager wages just to raise a family, well don’t fret. You only need a limited amount of computer experience as long as you can write an essay and follow some simple instructions on how to do some next-level SEO keyword research along with filling in a formatted template.

I’m no scholar, but I’m into tech, and do-it-yourself projects like creating video games with Unity, Construct, and some other outdated software. I didn’t even finish high school because of certain circumstances but in my spare time, I continue to learn about as much of it as I can.

Having not been directly exposed to the industry or even having formal education for the matter, I still understand how saturated that market is and how you really need investment capital to stay afloat if you’re an independent developer. So, without a finished game, marketing skills, and some money to push it in front of new eyeballs, it is virtually impossible.

That’s a long intro to why I believe affiliate marketing is the future for some like me. I didn’t get a scholarship, so I had no hope of going to a good college. I had a child at a young age, so I had to just get to work, no questions asked. I’ve made a lot of decisions that stopped me from living out my dreams at an early age but that didn’t deter me one bit.


So, if you don’t have the capacity for programming or data analysis, or you just don’t want to spend tens of thousands possibly upward of one hundred thousand dollars on education, then this is probably your best option.

Remember when I said programmers have a limitless potential of landing working on a project they love, well there’s something unlimited for affiliate marketing. What is it? The potential to earn way more money.

Instead of developing a product, doing R&D, production advertising shipping, and dealing with customer service, you can simply apply for affiliation, do research, post, and get paid.

Depending on the value, popularity, and usefulness of the product, you could go from earning enough to get your bills paid all the way up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousand dollars in a very short period. Possibly in one day, with enough experience.

I know my way around the internet but I’m not MIT material. However, I can write an article with enough information that it can influence someone to buy a product or service, and all I have to do is sign up and post my special link. Wow. That seems too easy to be true but it definitely isn’t.

Why do you think you can’t go a day online without seeing an ad, or fifty, about a course on how to become the next big blogger or influencer? Because that is the job with the most prospect with the way technology is going and the way that commerce has evolved. It’s a no-brainer.

A vast majority of the population will gradually get more and more of their products delivered from online sources. Why not be a part of that, but on the receiving end also? Also, a lot of affiliate programs sell digital products so they can give you a hefty cut of the profits.

On an average day, if I want to, I can do three or even four blogs in about the same as one work shift, or an eight-hour period. I can research the keywords and phrases I need for the best traffic potential, do research on an idea, product, or service, then write the article before most people go to their second restroom break of the day. And that’s it.

Each article has the potential to create income through those affiliate links for years to come. Granted it may take some time to get to a point where you can earn enough to live off of if you do it in your spare time you’ll eventually be able to walk away from your current job and definitely not regret it.

That’s why I’m so lucky I found Wealthy Affiliate to teach me how to get started and to continue to get better. If you’re interested in training to blog with the intent to earn from affiliate programs, it has everything you need.

It would take an entire article to explain everything they do for their members, which are prettily available with a quick Google search or you can check this one out right here.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. If you’d like more check out my website, for more information, and if you have any questions comments, or corrections feel free to notify me in the section at the bottom.

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