SEO Keyword tools Rank on Google this week

Google SEO keyword optimization tools are a dime a dozen nowadays. So, which SEO keyword optimization tool is best for getting ranked on Google?

There are quite a few to choose from. If you noticed under your search bar, it pulled up millions of results in a fraction of a second. You think to yourself, “Why can’t I get my website on the first page of a search on Google?” or “Why can’t I get my site ranked first on search engines?”

I recently made the decision to get serious about becoming successful on my own terms. Well, what are some of the things you need for that to happen?

The first is an interest in making your dreams a reality within reason, of course. Then You need a bit of tenacity. Not belligerence, but that drive that doesn’t allow you to give up just because the difficulty skips a level here and there.

Then there’s training. How do you know what to do? What the best practices are? Where do you start? That’s why training is usually expensive.

Finally, there are the tools of the trade. How can you fix or fabricate something if you come to the job site empty-handed?

I had no idea what Search Engine Keyword Optimization even was.

What’s a Moz or Semrush? They sound like names of sci-fi characters, Same with Jaaxy. See? Anyway, they all have the same basic concept. Type a word or phrase in the search bar and it gives statistics for how it’s represented on search engines. Why does that matter? Because you don’t get traffic if you don’t rank high enough unless you’re willing to pay a pretty penny for the top spot.

One of the major misconceptions about having a website is if you offer something people will find you. That can be true if you advertise somewhere else. Of course, if you make and sell the best quality belts online. Word will obviously travel.

That being said, you don’t own a leather factory, belt fabricating machinery, or the funds to spread the word about them. What you do have is the ability to do a couple of simple searches and write a better, more informed article that gets people hyped enough to want to click the links you provide for them.

We’ve all seen those videos on how to do SEO searches on google, but that can take hours. That’s your most precious commodity. The thing you have less of as every second passes. You could do the research and write an article in less time than that if you use the right tools and have the right training.

Search Engine Optimization Research Can Take No Time At All.

Once you get it, you get it. If you look into it you’ll find almost all of them have a limited amount of free searches, which is great. Until you realize how fun it is to keep adding to your saved search lists. They get used up in a flash.

That’s no big deal if you get lucky like I did. I happened upon Wealthy Affiliate not long ago. They train you to make blogs that get traffic for the specific reason of placing affiliate links that get those clicks, and most of all the sales we all covet.

The point is if you sign up for their training service you get much more than that. With the Premium and Premium Plus plans, you get a ton of extra tools you’ll need to streamline the entire process. Where better to start than the first application you’ll need. The SEO Keyword research platform that’s meant for searching, indexing, and refining your topic in seconds.

I know I’d rather spend my time in the meat and potatoes, not searching for the perfect title. I already have the topic, but that opening phrase is the hook lure that shimmers, rattles, and gets them to bite. If you have a radar or know where they normally feed, you already have the advantage.

That’s the same premise here. If you use the most descriptive title that matches the subject and has relative content within you’ll easily move up in the ranks, because people will be searching for it.

How I got ranked on Google with a powerful SEO tool.

In just five days from writing my first blog, my website was getting rated on google. WHAT??? How did I do it? Well, I’m no genius. I had a lot of help. You can say I basically stood on the shoulders of giants. I’ve never taken a writing seminar other than the required high school classes, and I got D’s all throughout. Whoops!

What I’m getting at is, you don’t have to be a pro to knock out a great post that gets a decent amount of traffic and drives plenty of customers to your affiliate link.

Think about it like this. Do you think billionaires like Ellen or Oprah would be who they are now if they hadn’t invested in themselves and then re-invested that return into a team of well-compensated professionals that makes sure they are fed well, immaculately clothed, and in the best shape for their lifestyle?

No, they’d probably only be known for their talents, not the way they create success for themselves. They have a chef that has a dietician’s degree and most likely does all of the shopping too. Then there are their stylists and personal trainers who make sure they are fit and in the best styles that fit their brand.

I used Wealthy Affiliate as my team and they provided Jaaxy. The major component of a great team is the ability to acquire assets and utilize them to the best effect.

Is Jaaxy the best SEO keyword ranking tool available

It could be the worst and I’d still swear by it. I don’t think my feeble brain could handle a faster more efficient system than it already is. It displays every variant of what you searched plus tons of options that are closely related. You’ll be able to see all the statistics and understand what they mean and how to use them to create your next big blog.


I can’t lie. At first, I was overwhelmed. I don’t deal with much online anything, other than checking emails, watching videos on YouTube or movies, and TV on a streaming service. So, when it comes to online marketing I’m a complete novice.

So, if I can get trained up in less than a week and get that site ranked after only publishing 5 articles over 5 days, imagine what a proficient typist might be capable of. Or someone with experience in writing stories or maybe newspaper articles, if that’s even a thing anymore.

If I can do it with a tenth-grade education, no formal computer education other than online tutorials made by people like me. Now, think about what a professional coder or programmer might be capable of.

The tools, the training, and the tricks of the trade are available to you…

So, if you’ve been looking into Jaaxy but don’t want to pay for it or would rather it be part of a bundle that helps kickstart your journey to becoming a professional blogger, this is the perfect time to look into Wealthy Affiliate, There’s a seven-day trial that has a few of the training modules easily accessible. So if It’s not right for you, It’s no skin off your back.

Just because you’re a novice doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive.

Sure, someone with no direction will probably fail, but given the proper motivation to learn, and the incentive to keep going, the difference in their capabilities in comparison will be apparent.

Time is the most valuable thing you have. So, don’t waste all day on SEO research.

Get in get out get to work. Dip your toes in the SEO pond and then dive into your research. BOOM! You’re more than halfway done at this point. Look at all the time you didn’t squander. Pat yourself on the back for doing so well, and then on to the next. Believe me, you’ll get hooked in no time flat.

The key ingredient is having all the tools you need to get the job done right.

Ever try to do a home improvement project only to spend all day running back and forth to the hardware store? Maybe, had someone lined everything up for you so you can do what needs done the most, getting the work finished. That’s why you really can’t go wrong with the most comprehensive blogger launchpad with the best tools ready at your disposal.

I get unlimited searches on Jaaxy through Wealthy Affiliate

Remember, you can always try it out and get your thirty free searches, but once you’ve gotten a taste for it and are just getting into the swing of things, you’ll run out. 🙁

That’s the beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate site. With just a click on the research tab, you’re right there. Exactly where you need to start.

If this is the info you were looking for check out where I learned it from so that you can get the same training.

If you need any clarification or just want to comment leave it below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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