How To Make Money Online At Home

There is a lot of ways to earn a living on the internet, but do you know how to make money online at home? Why do some people struggle to be successful? Are you aware that there are easier ways than to sell your own product? Well, I’ll walk you through some of the most … Read more

The best ways to passive income online?

We all know there are plenty of businesses and individuals making tons of money online, but is it better to sell products, services, or something completely different? What if I told you that you’d be trading your day job for an internet job. You shouldn’t be looking to sell your time for dollars but into … Read more

About T-Rx – Founder

Hello, I’m T-Rx (T-Rex). You can call me Teeper Scription or whatever you want. I’m the founder of T-Shaped Mindset. It’s a hub for anyone ready to add depth to their experience and breadth to their skillset. This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to improve your perspective, expand your skillset and experience … Read more