How To Make Money Online At Home

There is a lot of ways to earn a living on the internet, but do you know how to make money online at home? Why do some people struggle to be successful?

Are you aware that there are easier ways than to sell your own product? Well, I’ll walk you through some of the most popular ways to get that sweet loot, like drop-shipping and Affiliate Marketing, and I’ll go ahead and break down the pros and cons of each. So, let’s get to it.

Sell the products that you make on sites like Etsy

We’ve all heard of people inventing a product or even just making a better version of something, and they sell it online. Some don’t own a brick-and-mortar store, so they use what’s most readily available. That’s where Etsy comes in. If your product is valuable to enough people, you can have amazing success. However, sometimes there’s just not enough demand for what you are offering. If you’re past the R&D and production stages, you’re way ahead of the game, but you’re probably already a company at that point. So, if you’re an individual with ideas on how to create something people might want, you’ve got an extremely long but not impossible road ahead of yourself.

Of course, if you can churn out a bunch of items cheaply and quickly, you’ll most likely be okay, but if you are making something customer that takes days, weeks, or even months to finish, you’ll probably struggle a lot, unless it something in super high demand.

Some of the best products that make the highest return are digital files that customers can use to make the product at home, like printable coloring books or 3-D printer files. That way you only need to make one thing that can easily be instantly duplicated without countless hours of continuous work. Other printables include activity books for children/adults, stickers, diaries/journals, cookbooks, fabrication patterns, checklists, paper airplanes, origami, gift boxes, and so many more. The options are virtually limitless. All you need is a great design and some marketing.

Sell other companies’ products with sites like Amazon and eBay.

Amazon is a huge company and one of its most lucrative branches is shipping products all over the world. Many of which are sold by independent manufacturers or even home owned businesses that may have started on a site like Etsy. There is a lot of sites that help you create a store that you can easily get started on selling just about any product you’d like to, as long as there is some sort of demand for it.

Drop-Shipping is well-known for making a lot of people a lot of money, but there are a few drawbacks. Customer service is a major part of any business, and if you are who the customer buys from directly you must deal with any issues that may arise. Especially if you want return customers and good reviews. There are a couple of services that do that for you for a significant percentage of the profit, but it’s worth it if you aren’t always responding to an unsatisfied person. Remember, we’re trying to save time here. Preciously valuable time that you’ll never get back.

So, if you know a great way to make a handcrafted item that someone may want to make for themselves with readily available tools, like a computer printer, scissors, and a glue stick, this is your alley. That brings me to a great point though. The competition for a lot of these types of products is very high because it’s so easy to sell a digital file to anyone in the world. So, if this is what you want to do, make sure it’s unique or the best version/top-rated one available on that platform.

Are You an Authority on Anything? Write and publish a book.

Are you a professional with 5 years of experience or more? Do you train anyone for anything, maybe on the job? Can you walk anyone through a process step-by-step without having to look at the procedural documentation? Are you able to summarize your job or skill/skill set to anyone who’s interested? Write a book!

If you haven’t already started, now would be the best time to start writing your ideas into a book you can either sell straight up or use it as an authority in that field to hook customers to buy a training session or the product you/affiliate are selling. It’s pretty simple in that regard, but writing isn’t for everyone. However, It’s not rocket science, unless you’re writing about that, I guess. So, here’s how I write; I come up with an idea or concept others can relate to, I make a 10 part outline. Each part is a chapter, each chapter 8-12 pages as long as your ideas can be conveyed in a concise easy to digest manner, people will read it and possibly recommend it to people they know who are into the same stuff.

The hardest part is formatting, editing, and the cover. You’ve already got the information you need to write the book so I’d suggest looking into KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) You can find YouTube tutorials on formatting. They’re usually short and easy, and some will help you design your cover if you’re not an artist.

You don’t have to be an authority either. You can write fiction of any sort if you understand the structure of storytelling. Do you have a great idea for a children’s book? Write it into a series to keep the hype up for return customers. If they like it enough, they’ll suggest it to friends, family, and acquaintances. So come up with something new and exciting and you’ll be off to the races in no time at all.

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to make real money online

Out of all the ideas so far this is probably the most efficient way to create a stream of passive income for yourself. Why is that? What makes affiliate marketing so powerful and so elusive to some people. Well, you’ve been an affiliate marketer your whole life. You’ve just never collected for your services. It’s time to cash in on the whole “make money online” thing. So, how do you do that? It’s easier than you think and you’ll probably be upset for not having looked into it sooner. Here’s the deal, you’re probably not going to sell anything unless someone is already looking for it.

Why would they come to you to buy something from somewhere else? Because you’re the trusted salesman, you didn’t know you were. Firstly, unless you’re already an influencer, you probably won’t sell a lot as a YouTuber, TikTok’er, or Insta Influencer, but if you can write a specialized blog you can sell a product. However, just because you can write doesn’t mean you should write about just anything. Know what it is. Be an authority.

Want to sell musical instruments but don’t play them or really know much about them, move along to something you do know. Instead, if you make beats on a DAW (Digital Adio Workstation), why not be affiliated with the company you get your equipment, software, plugins, or sample/loop packs from? Some beat selling sites have their own affiliate programs too. So, you could sell people on selling their beats and all they have to do is go premium on that service when they were probably going to do it anyway.

Maybe you’re still interested in those instruments because they have a high commission rate? Then learn to play one or more of them. You could make a series of videos that show your progress and leave a link to where you got it from right in the description box. Believe me, it works. You just need to understand the process and that you want to target people who have their research nearly complete and are reaching for their credit card.

There are affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate that can walk you through the process from zero to professional blogger. If you’d like to check it out, follow my LINK In less than a week I breezed through the training and now I’m teaching you. There’s proof it works right there.

Sell Affiliate Products, Ideas, and Content, not your most valuable asset… Time.

So, what have we learned here? That there are multiple ways to “get a bag” on the internet, but some are more efficient than others. Some take no time to get started but ha a more limited ceiling for potential income than others.

Selling your own products probably makes a lot of people feel successful because they’re doing what they love, but to some, it would be a slog to manufacture products a home. This is probably the most inefficient way to get wealthy but you can make a living. Some are even highly successful, as long as it’s easy to reproduce quickly.

Selling high-demand products can be great for quick income, but if you want great success and high profits you may be spending a lot of time making labels, filling boxes, and waiting in line to ship them. Is this the best way to sell others’ products to get you to financial freedom? Honestly, it is possible but not likely, if you value your time.

Remember, drop-shipping? It is very lucrative too, but it takes about the same amount of time to research top-selling products, create everything you need to market it as it does to create an article like this and create awareness about whatever the product is.

That’s why I’ve shifted my focus to saving as much time as possible. Affiliate Marketing is the system that allows me to do that, I got most of my training by watching tutorials all over YouTube but I got the best training from Wealthy Affiliate. They have literally taught me to research better, streamline my writing skills and create rich content articles. All of which are the foundation of having your own online business,

So, if you are serious about getting started on making your future as bright as possible, check out Wealthy Affiliate. If you have questions feel free to hit me up, or leavee a comment below if you feel like this was helpful at all.

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