Rodecaster Pro Podcast Console Bundle Review

Rode RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Console Bundle In this Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Console Review, I’ll go over all the pros and the very few cons of this bundle with a pair of H&A AC50 Cardioid Microphones in protective cases, two broadcast arms for easy access, two monitor headsets to hear yourself while recording, and … Read more

M-Audio BX4 Reference Monitors Review

Your unbalanced PC speakers can’t compare to a set of M-Audio BX4 4.5 Inch 120-Watt Powered Multimedia Reference Monitor Speakers. Those built-in speakers sound like garbage. It’s probably time that you upgrade to the next level. Are you interested in getting into music, podcasts, video narration, and/or video production? Do you need a way to … Read more

AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone Review

The AKG Pro Audio C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is one of the most commonly known and widely used universal vocal and instrument recording devices around. No, you’re not going to find it in the vocal booth at a super high-end studio, but there’s a good chance that you will come across one in a … Read more

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface Review

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface Review The Scarlett Solo hardware interface provides the means to connect a microphone and an instrument or line-level audio signal to a computer running Mac OS or Windows. Similarly, the DAW’s monitor or recorded output will appear at the unit’s physical outputs. This lets you record “real-world” … Read more

What is Wealthy Affiliate About, Does It Work?

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M-Audio SP-2 Universal Sustain Pedal Review

I’ll tell you why I need an M-Audio SP-2 Universal Sustain Pedal, and why you probably need one too. Are you a pianist? A keyboardist? A music producer who gets a lot of use out of a MIDI controller. I mainly use mine with an Akai Professional MPK mini Compact keyboard and Pad Controller, but … Read more

KRK Rokit 8 G4 Studio Monitors Review

KRK Systems RP8 ROKIT G4 8″ 2-Way Powered Near-Field Studio Monitoring Speakers Review Name: KRK Systems RP8 ROKIT G4 8″ 2-Way Powered Near-Field Studio Monitoring Speakers (As an Amazon Associate, I make a commission on all qualifying purchases.) Website: Price: Check Amazon for price Personal Rank: 94 out of 100 KRK Systems RP8 ROKIT … Read more

Why does failure lead to success? Failing Up

You may ask “why does failure lead to success?” There are quite a few reasons. All of which seems counter intuitive at first. At least, until you understand how everyone fails, but not everyone uses failure to succeed. So, how can some fail repeatedly and still just succeed on a massive scale? Most of them … Read more

What is a T-Shaped Person, Skillset, Mindset?

A T-Shaped Person is someone with a broad skill set who specializes in one or more fields. Also, known as a versatilist, or generalizing specialist, for their wide knowledge of technical skills ranging from craftsperson to renaissance developer. The vertical bar represents the depth of knowledge for a particular skill, and the horizontal bar represents … Read more

Akai Professional MPK Mini Review

In this Akai Professional MPK Mini review, I’ll get into as many of the awesome things it can do as I can remember. I’ll also be going over the few if any limitations it has. Do you want to kick your beats up a notch? Have you been struggling with efficiency? Are you interested in … Read more